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The 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival



The 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival

The wait is over! Hong Kong International Film Festival 46 is back for a diverse collection of movies available in-theatre and online. After the 6-month postponement due to COVID, HKIFF46 will be held from 15th to 31st August.

The Italian Cultural Institute - Hong Kong presents several Italian films, including one that has never shown in Hong Kong:


A Chiara

23 Aug – 7:10 pm – Emperor Cinemas Times Square
26 Aug – 4:20 pm – PREMIERE Elements

Language: Italian with English and Chinese Subtitles
Duration: 122 minutes
Director: Jonas Carpignano
Cast: Swamy Rotolo, Claudio Rotolo, Grecia Rotolo

Jonas Carpignano’s neorealist trilogy exploring poverty, racism, and crime in a Calabrian town comes to its final chapter, after Mediterranea (2015) and A Ciambra (42nd). Venturing into the criminal underground world, his dynamic camera is attuned this time to the perspective of a keen-eyed teenage girl, Chiara, who stumbles upon a secret safeguarded by a seemingly happy family. In search of her adored father, now a fugitive, Chiara must find her own moral compass before celebrating her 18th birthday. Un Certain Regard, Cannes.


Leonora Addio

20 Aug – 6:00 pm – M+ Cinema

Language: Italian with English Subtitles
Duration: 91 minutes
Director: Paolo Taviani
Cast: Fabrizio Ferrancane, Matteo Pittiruti, Dania Marino, Dora Becker

Dedicated to Vittorio Taviani, Leonora Addio marks Paolo’s first feature crafted without his brother, who died in 2018. A mosaic of documentary footage, film extracts, black & white and colour photography, it follows the desperate efforts to transport the ashes of playwright Luigi Pirandello across the battered landscape of post-war Italy. What unfolds becomes an impassioned portrait of the country’s strained relationship with the US, culminating in a dramatisation of Pirandello’s The Nail. FIPRESCI Prize, Berlinale.


Django & Django

19 Aug – HKIFF46 Online
28 Aug – 5:15 pm - Emperor Cinemas Times Square

Language: Italian with English and Chinese Subtitles
Duration: 90 minutes
Director: Luca Rea

Primero spaghetti western aficionado Quentin Tarantino guides us through the explosive career of Italian genre specialist Sergio Corbucci. Destined to be forever dubbed “the other Sergio” behind his friend and contemporary Sergio Leone, Corbucci infused Django, The Great Silence and more with a visceral, politically attuned sensibility, less operatic than exploitative, but every bit as successful. Combining on-location footage and archival interviews with his newly filmed conversations with collaborators, director Rea paints a vivid portrait of a great Italian maverick.


*The following movies are for persons above 18 only


The Story of My Wife (“A Feleségem Története”)

20 Aug – 2:30 pm – M+ Cinema
22 Aug – 8:45 pm - Emperor Cinemas Times Square

Language: Italian with English and Chinese Subtitles
Duration: 170 minutes
Director: Ildikó Enyedi
Cast: Léa Seydoux, Gijs Naber, Louis Garrel, Sergio Rubini, Jasmine Trinca

Taking her dream-propelled romance into the deep blue sea of marital dysfunction, Enyedi’s follow-up to her Golden Bear-winning On Body and Soul (41st) is a new take on the period drama. This adaptation of Milán Füst’s famous novel starts off with a sparkle, as a sea captain makes a bet to marry the first woman who enters a café, only for their marriage to be sunk by her flirtatious ways and his jealousy. A seductive, mercurial Léa Seydoux, playing with the suspicion of infidelity, shimmers in sublime moments of poetic delicacy.


Dark Glasses (“Occhiali Neri”)

20 Aug – 9:55 pm – Emperor Cinemas iSQUARE
28 Aug – 9:55 pm - Emperor Cinemas iSQUARE

Language: Italian with English Subtitles
Duration: 90 minutes
Director: Dario Argento
Cast: Ilenia Pastorelli, Asia Argento, Andrea Gherpelli

High-class escort Diana is blinded in a car accident that kills the parents of a young Chinese boy. Taking the grief-stricken lad into her charge, she becomes an unwitting target of a grisly serial killer. After a career spanning seven decades, which has produced such indisputable horror classics as Deep Red (1975) and Suspiria (43rd), octogenarian auteur Argento continues to delight fans with this lurid late-night thriller, replete with beautiful victims, blackgloved psychopaths, a pulsating score, and audaciously orchestrated kills.


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Data: Da Lun 15 Ago 2022 a Mer 31 Ago 2022

Organizzato da : Hong Kong International Film Festival Society

In collaborazione con : Italian Cultural Institute

Ingresso : A pagamento


Emperor Cinemas Time Square / PREMIERE Elements / M+ Cinema