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Screening of the film "Fear" by R.Rossellini - "Stellar Moments of Humankind: The World of Stefan Zweig in Cinema" Programme



Screening of the film

West Germany, Italy | 1954 | 83 mins | DCP | B&W

Language: In English with English subtitles
Director: Roberto Rossellini
Cast: Ingrid Bergman, Mathias Wieman, Renate Mannhardt



Price: HK$80  (Standard price)
Offers and discounts available: 2802 0088 / 2582 0282,


Based on the Stefan Zweig novel Fear.

“In some vague way she felt cheated of real life by her own comfort.”

Irene, married to a well-known scientist, has a perfect marriage on the outside, but her heart is actually set on her affair with the composer Heinz. When his jealous girlfriend gets wind of the affair, she threatens to expose them and begins to blackmail Irene with brazen demands for money. Their lives increasingly get out of joint... Six years after GERMANY, YEAR ZERO, the last collaboration of the former dream couple Bergman/Rossellini takes us to a gloomy, rainy post-war Munich, arguably also reflecting the doomed state of their own marriage.


For more information on the rest of the "Stellar Moments of Humankind: The World of Stefan Zweig in Cinema" Programme by Goethe Institut and the Hong Kong Arts Centre click HERE



Data: Dom 24 Lug 2022

Orario: Alle 16:45

Organizzato da : Goethe Institut / Hong Kong Arts Centre

In collaborazione con : Italian Cultural Institute / Film Archiv Austria / National Audiovisual Institute

Ingresso : A pagamento


Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre, UB, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong