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Filippo Cosentino & Chi Ho Choi - Guitar Duo Concert - FREE EVENT



Filippo Cosentino & Chi Ho Choi - Guitar Duo Concert - FREE EVENT



Filippo Cosentino - baritone guitar

Chi Ho Choi - electric guitar


Filippo Cosentino is one of the most appreciated Italian guitarists and is considered a new talent of the Italian jazz scene. He graduated with full marks (cum laude) at G. B. Martini Conservatory in Bologna under the supervision of Maestro Tomaso Lama.

He performed on tour and in studio with many famous Italian and international artists such as Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Michael Rosen, Rita Marcotulli, Danilo Rea, Andrea Marcelli, Antonio Zambrini, Jesper Bodilsen, Ekkehard Wölk, Johannes Fink, Tom Kirckpatrick, Ludovico Fulci, Andrej Polevikov, Vytis Nivinskas, Andreas Rodosthenous. He collaborated with renowned Italian singers and worked in theatre and cinema; in 2010 he composed the soundtrack of the short movie "Praise to loneliness" (RaiCinema), which was selected for the 63rd Festival de Cannes and for the Trento Film Festival, while in 2012 he composed the soundtrack of the documentary "Meno 100 chili", praised at the Festival International du Film d'Environment in Paris.

Appreciated for his versatility, Filippo is often invited to important Italian and international festivals: Bologna Jazz Festival, Sori Winter Jazz Festival, Italian Jazz Festival in Berlin (Germany), Eunic Jazz Festival (Germany), Dancing on the String Jazz Festival, Jazz Club Torino, Roero Music Fest, Maggio di Napoli, A.r.t.e.r.i.e., Fara Music Fest, TDL Jazz Festival, Alba Music Festival, Jazz&Co, Cantautori d’Italia, Festival D’Incanto, Tastar de corda, Brainwaves, Roccella Jazz (winter edition), Birstonas Jazz Festival (Lituania), Guitar Festival of Valle d’Ossola, Sile Jazz, Open Jazz Festival, Jazzit Fest, Musicultura.

In 2003 he won the national competition by the Italian magazine "Chitarre". He is the artistic director of the Festival "Cantautori d'Italia", for Italian songwriters, where he has the opportunity to play with some of the most important artists of the Italian pop scene like Paola Turci, Francesco Tricarico, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi and others. He is also the artistic director of two jazz festivals: Jazz&Co. and Roero Music Fest.

In 2011 Filippo Cosentino published his first CD "Lanes"; in 2013 a new album called "Human Being" was released, followed by "L’astronauta", produced together with Italian art director Andrea Marcelli. In 2018 he released his latest CD called "Andromeda", produced by Nau Records.


Chi Ho Choi started his musical training at 8 with classical piano. He self-learned guitar at age 15 until he was introduced to a renowned jazz musician, Mr. Tommy Ho in Hong Kong and started taking professional guitar lessons. In 2002, Chi moved to the United States to pursuit his dream on music.
He graduated with Cum Laude Honor for his Bachelor Degree of Music Performance, majoring in Jazz Guitar at Winthrop University, South Carolina. During his stay in the United States, he followed Dr. L. H. Dickert and James Hunter on jazz guitar in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Bill Hanna, jazz music mentor in North Carolina.

Chi was a member of and performed in the Winthrop Jazz Ensemble, Winthrop Jazz Guitar Ensemble, CPCC Jazz Big Band, CPCC Jazz Ensemble, and CPCC Early Music Ensemble. Chi is currently stationing in Hong Kong providing jazz lessons. In addition, he is actively performing in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and Italy. Chi is also providing private lessons on Jazz Guitar, Jazz Combo Class and Jazz Theory.



Estate - B. Martino

Andromeda - F. Cosentino

Moving on - C. H. Choi

Lascia ch’io pianga - G. Handel

Dissonance to Consonance - C. H. Choi

Missouri - F. Cosentino

Mi sono innamorato di te - L. Tenco

Quiet Mood - C. H. Choi

Cinema paradiso - A. Morricone

Midnight Samba - C. H. Choi

Quiet song - F. Cosentino

Seven days - F. Cosentino

Caruso - L. Dalla



Filippo Cosentino tour:

3rd Aug.: Terra, Macau - Filippo Cosentino & Zauce

4th Aug.: Loststars, Hong Kong - Filippo Cosentino & Zauce

6th Aug.: Foxglove, Hong Kong - Filippo Cosentino & Zauce

8th Aug.: Sense 99, Hong Kong - Filippo Cosentino & Zauce

9th Aug.: Penny Black, Shenzhen - Filippo Cosentino & Zauce

10th Aug.: PeeMaï, Guangzhou - Filippo Cosentino & Chi Ho Choi guitar duo

Should you need more details, kindly check the webpages of each single venue.



Data: Gio 1 Ago 2019

Orario: Dalle 20:00 alle 21:30

Organizzato da : Italian Cultural Institute

In collaborazione con : Consulate General of Italy

Ingresso : Libero


MoM Livehouse, B39 7 Seas Shopping Centre, 113-121 King's Road, North Point