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Traditional Italian Dinner by Casa Artusi's Mariette



Traditional Italian Dinner by Casa Artusi's Mariette

Guest chefs - Mariette**: Ms. Carla Brigliadori (Casa Artusi - Italy) and Ms. Margarita Fores (Casa Artusi - Philippines)

Casa Artusi's Tasting Menu: mixed appetizer (Crescioni, Bombe composte, Crostini di fegatini di pollo con la salvia) / first course (Cappelletti all’uso di Romagna or Tortelli or Pappardelle all'aretina) / main course (Costolette nella carta or Braciole alla contadina) / dessert (Torta di mandorle e cioccolata or Budino di ricotta).

Price: 568HKD/person plus 10% service charge per person 

An exhibition at Gia’ Restaurant (G/F, Fleet Arcade, Fenwick Pier, 1 Lung King St., Wan Chai) will show pictures and facts about the unique history of Casa Artusi*.

Booking & Info: (tel.) +852 25118081 / (email) and quote Casa Artusi's Menu


Casa Artusi's Menu is available from 18th to 25th November during dinner time to all the guests. Ms. Brigliadori and Ms. Fores will explain Artusi's dishes to the guests on the evenings of Fri 18th and Sat 19th November.


Italian Cultural Institute members will receive a complimentary glass of Prosecco upon showing the membership card.


The event is part of the 1st Week of Italian Cuisine in the World and of Bellissima Italia.


*Pellegrino Artusi
Even more than a person, Artusi is a cookery book, indeed, the cookery book par excellence, at the very heart of modern Italian cuisine. With fifteen editions in twenty years, from 1891 to 1911, which were compiled and revised directly by the author, the book has since then been re-edited, copied, plagiarized and translated into many languages right up to the present day. Incredible luck for any book, even more so for a recipe book, a Manuale pratico per le famiglie (A Practical Manual for the Family), as written on the front cover of Scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiar bene (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well). But it is precisely in these words that the key to such an overwhelming and unexpected success lies: a simple gastronomic programme that anyone can follow, summed up in the triad Igiene - Economia - Buon gusto (Hygiene - Economy - good Taste) which also dominates the cover. On these simple bases, Artusi put together the first Italian gastronomic profile in 790 recipes, which became a yardstick for all subsequent authors.


**Le Mariette
Artusi was not a chef. The recipes that would enter his book were tried and tested in his home kitchen with the aid of Francesco Ruffilli of Forlimpopoli and, in particular, with that of Marietta Sabatini di Massa e Cozzile (Pistoia), an intelligent and enterprising young girl – as we know from the letters she wrote to Artusi. Indeed, Artusi dedicated the recipe Panettone Marietta to her. Pellegrino was so grateful to his fellow collaborators that, in his testament, he left them the royalty rights of La Scienza in cucina because “they contributed to the positive outcome of the book”. The Associazione delle Mariette (Mariettes’ Association) was established in Forlimpopoli in the name of the loyal cook, and operates today in the Artusi Home to preserve the practices and gastronomical knowledge which have been handed down over the generations mainly (though not exclusively) by women.


Manual of Artusian cuisine
Practice is the best of all instructors, it is the matrix of all the teachings, to which Casa Artusi adds a further ten pieces of advice from the manual:
1. Respect natural ingredients
2. Use quality ingredients
3. Use seasonal ingredients
4. Be simple
5. Be passionate, attentive and precise
6. Be patient
7. Vary, respecting territory and season
8. If you must vary, do it with good taste
9. Value the simplest of cooking
10. Be mistrustful of cookery books



Data: da Ven 18 Nov 2016 a Sab 19 Nov 2016

Orario: Alle 18:00

Organizzato da : Italian Cultural Institute / Già Trattoria Italiana - Mercato by Giando

In collaborazione con : Consulate General of Italy / Casa Artusi / Assessorato Cultura Regione Emilia-Romagna

Ingresso : a pagamento


Gia Trattoria Italiana, 1/F Fleet Arcade, Fenwick Pier, 1 Lung King St., Wan Chai