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Stefano Fossati



He was born in Torino in 1957. He studied Sanskrit, Pali and Arabic languages at Torino University, and graduated with a thesis on ancient Indian Aesthetics (title: ” The concept of rasa from Natyasastra to Abhinavagupta”).

After graduation, he worked for two years at the Cesmeo (the International Institute for Advanced Asian Studies) where he studied Hindi language and has spent three months in India (mainly in Benares) for research.

From 1996 to 2001 he worked as an assistant language teacher (in Italian “Lettore MAE)) at Delhi University.

In 2001 he became cultural attache’ at the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and in 2003 was posted to the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo, where his main responsibility was the organisation of the courses of Italian language and culture.

He then was appointed as director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Melbourne (2008-2013) and Osaka (2014-2019).

He is married and has a child.


Main publications:

1994 - Insegnamenti dello yoga (Gherandasamhita). Torino: Promolibri (translation from Sanskrit and notes from a text of hathayoga), pp. 119.

1999-2000 Notes on Fontamara in “Literature and Exile”- Germinal: Journal of the Department of Germanic & Romance Studies (University of Delhi), vol 3, pp. 135-146 (reprinted in “Inhabiting the Other: Essays on Literature Exile” ed. by Sharmistha Lahiri. Delhi: Aryan Books International, 2000). Publication about the intervention in a seminar “Literature and Exile” at the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, Delhi University, March, 1998)

2000 - Co-editor with prof. Paolo Favero, of “Italy: tradition and modernity (a collection of essays on Contemporary Italy). Delhi-Calcutta: Sampark, pp. 246.

2009 - Interview: “La promozione della lingua e della cultura italiana a Melbourne. A colloquio con Stefano Fossati”. Interview by prof. GiuseppeMaugeri, in " Bollettino Itals ", June 2009 "online publication on the website: Itals Laboratory / Italian as a Foreign Language "(Ca’ Foscari University)



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