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DIS-PLAY: Riccardo TEN Colombo Solo Exhibition - FREE EVENT



DIS-PLAY: Riccardo TEN Colombo Solo Exhibition - FREE EVENT


Date: 17 February - 11 March 2023

Venue: Novalis Art Design, G/F, 197 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong



Novalis Art Design is pleased to present ‘DIS-PLAY’, the first solo exhibition of Italian artist Riccardo TEN Colombo in Asia, supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong. The exhibition will showcase TEN’s new project Cromoblock.

Cromoblock is the new project by the artist Riccardo Ten Colombo. In this project, uniform iron triangles painted in industrial colours are arranged on magnetic boards, according to a precise design to form geometric compositions that emerge from the black background. These dynamic three-dimensional configurations are potentially always in transformation thanks to an unexpected element: the viewer can actively modify the artworks.

Colour, perception, experience and interaction are the crucial elements of this new production, that, due to its language and research, is placed along the historical line of the international kinetic and programmed avant-gardes.

The plastic power and the dynamic energy are combined with a remarkable form, thereby these artworks are magnetic also for the gaze, attracted to the form-generating field. The visual seduction attracts the viewer and invites him to take an interactive action: the compositional elements can be broken down and remodelled on the table.

What will happen?

Not even the artist knows: the artwork, brought into the world by its own creative and constructive capacity, can be transformed every time by its owner.


About Riccardo TEN Colombo

TEN is the nickname of Riccardo Colombo, Italian street artist. His approach to street art comes after his academic studies in visual communication, printing, technical drawing and painting. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with a thesis “Urbanrestyling”.

Riccardo investigates the nature of colour and the type of messages it conveys to the observer. contrast between pure colours, complementary colours, light and shade, warm and cold tones: all these elements are the starting point for the development of a distinctive technique.

TEN studies the boundaries between abstract and realistic painting, questioning the line of demarcation between these two worlds. When and how does technical drawing – made of lines, angles, and geometric rules – turn into painting? And how does that interfere the observer and produce new feelings?



Date: Da Friday, February 17, 2023 a Saturday, March 11, 2023

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura Hong Kong, Novalis Art Design

Entrance : Free


Novalis Art Design, G/F, 197 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong