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Francesco Carozza "Gesture, Form and Colour" Exhibition - FREE EVENT



Francesco Carozza

"Colour provokes a psychic vibration", wrote Wassily Kandinsky in the chapter on The language of form and colour in his book "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" (1910). This "vibration" can also be found in the works of Francesco Carozza: it is a spiritual tension, the pure power of colour and material.

Francesco's style is instantly recognisable. His paintings, simple in their immediacy, conceal the artist's unceasing exploration and connection with the international pictorial tradition of the 20th and 21st centuries. Francesco's approach is ritualistic, almost obsessive. His creative gestures are reiterated on each canvas, in a constant search for the repetition and variation of the elements of painting: gesture, form and colour.

Repetition and variation are also key concepts in 20th century architecture and art. Think how important it was for the exponents of Pop Art, whose paintings explore the ever-present tension between the potential of reproduction without limits and the uniqueness of the works, which can never be repeated. In the same way, Francesco Carozza reproduces a formal schema, using the same movements but creating unique works that not even the artist himself can repeat, as they are the result of an artistic process that is partially determined by chance. - Vera Canevazzi, curator and art consultant



Born in Treviglio (Bergamo) in 1974, Francesco Carrozza lives and works in Milan. The words of Francesco Carozza are an exciting narrative that translate the dreamworld into the tangible dimension, or as he himself puts it "from dreams to reality".

The way to fully comprehend his personal pictorial language is to allow ourselves to be pulled into the open dialogue between the observer's space and the object itself, through a vibrant, energetic palette of colours. Francesco has attempted a conceptual and phenomenistic shift, and the works displayed at the exhibition reveal exactly that. His dreams are translated into paint through a surprising construct: within a pure white space, whose texture breaks through its two-dimensionality, we find brightly-coloured dots that almost hypnotise the observer, capturing the eye and fascinating the mind. The colour emerges not only through its two-dimensionality but also through its mass and substance, so it becomes vivid in the moment and persists into the future.

The reality of a dream" is something that Francesco Carozza has made 'truer than the truth', in what should sometimes be seen as 'the serious game of art' (excerpt from text by Azzurra Immediato).

Francesco Carozza has organized his solo show "La realtà di un sogno, il colore e la sua forma" ("The reality of a dream, colour and its shape") held in the Seno Gallery (Milan) in 2018; this was followed by "Shaping Colors" curated by Vera Canevazzi in 2021, at the Cortesi Gallery in Lugano. He has also taken part in several collective exhibitions and shows organised by the same two galleries. In 2021 he began to be represented in Hong Kong and China by Novalis Art Design. Francesco Carozza's works are displayed in various collections across Europe, the USA and China.


Date: Da Monday, February 28, 2022 a Saturday, March 26, 2022

Organized by : Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery

In collaboration with : Italian Cultural Institute

Entrance : Free


Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery, 197 Hollywood Road, Central