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The 3rd International Martial Studies Conference - FREE EVENT



The 3rd International Martial Studies Conference - FREE EVENT

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Organised in connection to the exhibition “The Way of the Sword: Warrior Traditions in China and Italy”, the 3rd International Martial Studies Conference provides a rare opportunity for in-depth discussions on various aspects of China and Italy’s sword and martial culture.


The conference is a premier international exchange platform for leading scholars of Martial Studies and practitioners of Historic Martial Arts, and will on this occasion involve the most respected experts from China and Europe (in particular, Italy), including Prof. Ma Mingda, the foremost authority in Chinese Martial Studies, Prof. Ma Lianzhen, renowned contemporary swordsmith Hu Xiaojun, Maestro Roberto Gotti, the greatest expert of Renaissance Italian martial arts and renowned collector of historic arms and books, Dr. Daniel Jaquet, a leading scholar in European martial art studies, to name only a few.


The Conference will cover the following topics:

1. History and development of sword cultures in China and Europe
2. Fight books and the transmission of martial arts knowledge
3. The material dimension of sword culture
4. Historic / classical sword-fighting traditions


Agenda of Friday, 11 December 2020

(Hong Kong Time)

2:00 – 2:10pm Welcome Remarks – Hing Chao, Co-chairman

Keynote Address

2:10-2:40pm A Call to Advance International Exchange in the Study of Historical Arms, Martial Arts and Martial Arts Literature – Ma Mingda, Jinan University, China

2:40-3:10pm Tracks of Warrior Culture on the Petroglyphs in Val Camonica – Ausilio Priuli, Museo Didattico D’Arte e Vita Preistorica, Italy

3:10-3:40pm The Treatise Behind the Treatises – Roberto Gotti, Museo delle Arti Marziali, Italy

Session 1 – Historic Perspectives on Martial Culture in Italy

3:55-4:15pm Sword and Honour: Military Culture in Eastern Lombardy between the Middle Ages and the Modern World – Enrico Valeseriati, Istituto Storico Italo-Germanico, Italy

4:15-4:35pm Longobard Warriors in the Seprio Judicaria – Cristiano Brandollini, Civic Archaeological Museum of Arsago Seprio, Italy

4:35-4:55pm Brescia as an Example of Stratification, Amalgamation and Sedimentation of European Martial Arts – Marco Lena / Moreno Dei Ricci, Opera Nova, Italy

Session 2 – Italian Sword Tradition: Sword & Swordsmanship

5:10-5:30pm Archaeometallurgical Investigation on the Ancient Manufacturing Techniques of Sword – making in Northern Italy between the 16th and 17th centuries – Gabriele Tonelli, University of Brescia, Italy

5:30-5:50pm Masters through the Ages: Interpretation of a Renaissance Martial System and Foundation of a Modern School – Jacopo Penso, Opera Nova and Museo delle Arti Marziali, Italy

5:50-6:00pm Discussion – Daniel Jacuqet (Moderator), Co-chairman


Agenda of Saturday, 12 December

(Hong Kong Time)

Session 3 – Material Culture: Weapons, Technology, & Aesthetics

2:00 – 2:20pm The Yueya Guard on Chinese Swords and Sabres, Gong Jian, Collector and Independent Researcher

2:20-2:40pm A Call to Advance International Exchange in the Study of Historical Arms, Martial Arts and Martial Arts Literature – Ma Yuwei, Yichan Daoguan, China

2:40-3:00pm Sword Aesthetics : the Decoration Techniques on Edged Weapons – Betty Lo, Mengdiexuan, Hong Kong

Session 4 – Chinese Sword Tradition: Sword & Swordsmanship

3:15-3:35pm Rediscovering Swordmaking Techniques of Ancient China: Insights from Reconstructing a Han dynasty Ring-pommel Dao – Hu Xiaojun, Swordsmith, Longquan Jiancun Sword Research Academy, China

3:35-3:55pm Duanbing and the History of Fencing in China – Ma Lianzhen, South China Normal University, China

Session 5 – Fight Books: the Transmission and Interpretation of Knowledge

4:10-4:30pm Martial Arts Knowledge on and beyond the Page: from Visual Mantras to Hyperrealism with Words and Brushes – Daniel Jaquet, University of Bern, Switzerland

4:30-4:50pm The Ferrara Manuscript, Destreza and Vulgar – Manuel Valle Ortiz, Universidade Santiago de Compostela, Spain

4:50-5:10pm Towards a 3D Digital Methodology for Documenting and Transmitting Historical Martial Arts – Hing Chao, International Guoshu Association, Hong Kong

5:10-5:30pm New Media Art, Digital Performativity and Intangible Cultural Heritage, Jeffrey Shaw, City University, Hong Kong

5:45-6:30pm Round Table Discussion – Hing Chao (moderator), Roberto Gotti, Daniel Jaquet, Ma Lianzhen, Ausilio Priuli, Jeffrey Shaw

5:50-6:00pm Closing Remarks


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Date: From Friday, December 11, 2020 to Sunday, February 21, 2021

Time: From 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Organized by : International Goushu Association Limited / Italian Cultural Institute

In collaboration with : Consulate General of Italy / Hong Kong Culture Festival / The Martial Art Museum / City University of Hong Kong / Centre for Heritage & Arts / ITALIA MIA Festival

Entrance : Free


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