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Valentina Loffredo - 'Nosy' Exhibition



Valentina Loffredo - 'Nosy' Exhibition

Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery is pleased to present Nosy, a solo exhibition by Italian artist Valentina Loffredo, co-presented in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong.
The global issue of privacy in the digital age is the central theme of Nosy, a multi-media project that includes photographs, sculptural objects, installations and a limited edition of unique artist books. Not confined to the space within the gallery walls, the exhibition also extends to other parts of town by "sticking its noses into other people’s business" - literally - with the artist’s ad hoc placements of sculptural noses.

The project mimics the conflict between the seductive power of technology, expressed through the playful and attractive appearance of the artworks, and its dark "nosy" side, revealed by the repetitive and uncanny presence of human noses.

As curator Luca Panaro notes: "Today we invite digital media to be part of every aspect of our lives without considering the consequences of such enthusiasm. The excitement produced by the irresistible pull of technology leaves us in a state of daze. As the distance between public and private blurs, reality loses objectivity and crumbles into the endless pit of relativism".


Exhibition period: 7 – 30 November
Preview: Friday 6 November; details to be announced

The exhibition is part of the Italia Mia Festival 


About the artist

Valentina Loffredo is an Italian visual artist, currently based in Hong Kong. Her work, based mostly on photography and extending to sculpture and installation, is characterised by a minimal and graphic aesthetic and a general sense of humour that hides deeper levels of research. Her projects have been exhibited with solo shows in Hong Kong and Milan, featured in "Personal Structures", collateral event of the 57th Venice Art Biennale and in several group exhibitions and art fairs, including Art Central Hong Kong, PhotoFairs Shanghai and Fine Art Asia. Two of Valentina’s photographs have been exhibited by Sotheby’s for the auction "Curated: turn it up". Her first photography book "Reality, Curated" has been published by New Heroes & Pioneers in 2020.



Date: From Saturday, November 07, 2020 to Monday, November 30, 2020

Organized by : Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery / Italian Cultural Institute

Entrance : Free


Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery, G/F, 5 Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai