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Paolo Angeli - Sardinian Prepared Guitar Concert - FREE EVENT



Paolo Angeli - Sardinian Prepared Guitar Concert - FREE EVENT

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Born in 1970, Paolo Angeli started playing the guitar at the age of 9. He grew up in Palau (Sardinia), an extremely stimulating musical environment. After obtaining his Nautical Diploma, in 1989 he moved to Bologna where he studied Ethnomusicology at DAMS. During his university years, Laboratorio di Musica & Immagine was born: it was a colourful ensemble of 14 musicians who started becoming famous at the main European festivals of innovation music. Suspended among the duo with Stefano Zorzanello, the improvisation with Jon Rose, the realization of the opera Pacifica with Fred Frith, the choir at Tasgia, the Serbian dances Diamant Brin and Trabant, Maestro Angeli also started playing the tuba with Banda Roncati. During the same period he was also one of the founders of the popular music school Ivan Illich and the independent label Erosha.

In 1993 he met Giovanni Scanu, an old Sardinian guitarist from whom he learnt the forms and the modules of the canto a chitarra gallurese e logudorese. His Sardinian prepared guitar was made following both avant-garde influences and popular tradition: an orchestra-instrument with 18 cords, a hybrid between guitar, cello and drums, gifted with hammers, pedals at variable speed. With this singular instrument, made by the craftsman Francesco Concas, Paolo composes music from free jazz to folk noise and minimal pop. In 1995 he released his visionary album Dove dormono gli autobus. In 1997 he won the competition Posada Jazz Project and recorded Linee di fuga, the first work with his prepared guitar. In 2003 he published Bucato, the synthesis of four years of concerts all over Europe, a live 'Solo' CD produced by the English label ReR. After that, he started touring in Canada and the United States, a period of tournées immortalized by the live recordings Mede e Drawing Circle.

In 2005 he published Nita, l’angelo sul trapezio (ReR label) with the participation of many musicians belonging to the Bologna creative scene and moved to Barcelona (Spain). Together with the eclectic band Tessuti, in 2007 he started a project devoted to the compositions of Fred Frith and Björk. Based on a photographic reportage of his own Sardinian prepared guitar, in 2010 Angeli published Tibi (DVD/CD) which included new compositions and tracks taken from previous albums. In 2013 he recorded the album Sale Quanto Basta (ReR label), a mix between Sardinian traditional music and Mediterranean influences. The album was followed by S'Û (2015) and Talea (2017) which represents the point of arrival of a 20 years music research project.

Among his artistic collaborations, it is important to mention the multimedia projects with Nanni Angeli (Tibi, Il passo dei Misteri); the duo projects with Hamid Drake (Uotha Nubop, Deghe); the avant-pop duo with Takumi Fukushima (Itsunomanik); the POG Trio - Piccola Orchestra Gagarin with Sasha Agranov - cello and Uriol Roca - drums (Platos Combinados, Vostok) and the trio with Evan Parker and Ned Rottemberg (Free zone Appleby). Since 2009 the collaboration with Antonello Salis and Drake became a trio and then a quartet in 2010 together with Gavino Murgia (Giornale di Bordo).

Paolo has been performing in festivals, galleries, theatres and avant-jazz clubs in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and Brasil. He has collaborated with Pat Metheny, Jon Rose, Antonello Salis, Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig, Hamid Drake, Evan Parker, Ned Rothemberg, Zeena Parkins, Otomo Yoshide, Nuno Rebelo, Lukas Simonis, Andy Ex, Verian Weston, Robert Dick, Lukas Ligeti, Phillip Greenlief, Shoko Hikage, Alex MacSween, Gino Robair, Tim Perkins, Frank Schulte, Carlo Actis Dato, Gianni Gebbia, Alberto Masala, Audrey Chen, Mike Evans, Neil Feather, Katt Hernandez, Dan Breen, Janet Fader, Camel Zekri and many other famous musicians.

Since 1997, Paolo Angeli has been collaborating with ISRE at the constitution of Archivio Mario Cervo (the most important collection of Sardinian records and traditional music). As a researcher, he has published Canto in Re - a volume of historical analysis of the "Canto a Chitarra" - and 4 CDs with recordings dated from 1930 to 1967. Together with Nanni Angeli, he is the artistic director of Isole che parlano, an international arts festival suspended between innovation and tradition taking place in Palau since 1996.



Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018

Time: From 8:00 pm To 9:30 pm

Organized by : Italian Cultural Institute

In collaboration with : Consulate General of Italy

Entrance : Free


Youth Square Y Theatre, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan (next to Chai Wan MTR station, exit A)