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CANCELLED: Almoraima - Nuevo Flamenco Concert - FREE EVENT (STANDING)



CANCELLED: Almoraima - Nuevo Flamenco Concert - FREE EVENT (STANDING)

THE CONCERT HAS TO BE CANCELLED due to Severe Typhoon Hato (23 Aug 2017). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


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From improvisations with Arabic sounds to rumba in an innovative and contemporary style; flamenco mixed with jazz and Andalusian music: this is the music of Almoraima, a multi-ethnic group from Salento (Southern Italy). The group is composed of Massimilano De Salvatore (flamenco guitar), Giovanni Ceresoli (flamenco guitar), Rachele Andrioli (voice), Matteo Resta (bass) and Michael Manuel Joseph Fernandez (percussions).

They create a personal interpretation of Mediterranean musical traditions, from the south of Italy to the south of Spain, from the Balkans to the Maghreb. The band takes its name from the strip of land between Jerez de la Fronteira, Cordoba and Seville. That land in Andalusia has always provided asylum to Sindhi refugees of Rajasthan, North African Arabs, Jews and Spaniards returning from voyages to the Americas, from which they imported new sounds and rhythms.

The group, which is lead by songwriter and guitarist Massimiliano Almoraima, has been welcoming artists from different countries in the Mediterranean area, Asia and Latin America in order to develop new music projects.

Almoraima has released the following records: Amor Gitano (ed. AnimaMundi 2010) which combines Arabic sounds with modern and traditional flamenco; Banjara (ed. AnimaMundi 2013), an energetic and fascinating mix of gypsy Andalusian flamenco with Arabic influences; Flamenco-Fusion (ed. Roots of Pushkar 2014), recorded in India in collaboration with Rajasthan singer Banarsi Babu, captures the "magic" of a unique journey in the heart of a new country, between dream and reality, popular influences and Indian instrumental virtuosity; Café Cantante (ed. AnimaMundi 2015), inspired by a double tour in Mexico and Cuba, is Almoraima's latest project; the band members were inspired by flamenco and Latin American music with hints of jazz:
in this charming process of musical contamination, rhythms, melodies and songs from South America mingle with flamenco in an innovative and melodic way, with original lyrics or lyrics from Latin-American folksongs.

The band has performed all over the world: India, Greece, Cyprus, Canada, The United States, Mexico, Cuba, Cape Verde, Spain, Turkey.

Thanks to the versatile sounds of its music projects, the group Almoraima took part in important events and festivals around the world related to ethnic music including, The Film Fund Festival together with the Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami, The Folkest Festival (Spilimbergo - Italy), the Otranto Film Fund Festival (Otranto - Italy), Musica dei Popoli Festival (Florence - Italy), The Nomad Dance Fest (Milan - Italy), The Aya Napa Festival (Cyprus), The Baía das Gatas Festival (Sao Vicente - Cape Verde) and many more.



Cerro de la silla

Cafe cantante

El duende de la alegria

Tangos de pepico (Tangos)

Mar de Arena

Camino nel desierto

Con el aire

Rio vivo


--------- oooo ---------

Agua de plata (Tangos)

Cuba linda (Guajira)


Tangos nuevo

Azulejos de Lunares

Llamale amor

Bolero a Ilia





Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Time: from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Organized by : Italian Cultural Institute / Consulate General of Italy

In collaboration with : Puglia Sound

Entrance : Free


1563 AT THE EAST, 6/F Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wanchai